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Sexual preference:Straight


Movies: The Notebook
Books: I have way too many but probably Brave New Girl
Singers/Bands: Saves The Day, The Postal Service, and Tilly and the Wall.
Actors/Actresses: Rachel Bilson
Songs: way too many
Food/Drink: grapes and apple juice
Place: downtown or really anywhere with my friends
Television Show:Girlmore girls
Quote/song lyric:Before you kill your idols kiss them goodnight.

(No one sentenced answers, give a good answer.)

Abortion:I really hate violence and killing but abortion is really up to the woman. If I were pregnant and I wasn't married or old enough to have the child I would probably have one. I mean you could give it up for adoption and that would be fine but I don't know it is just up to the woman.
Censorship:If someone has something to say then they should be able to say it. I don't think that anything should be censored. If you have a problem with something then don't read it or listen to it or whatever.
Drugs/Alcohol:Sure they can be fun but they are really stupid. I think that everyone who does them regrets it later and stops or atleast tries to stop. Drugs I really dislike. Alcohol isn't that bad because you can get addicted to it but I think that drinking it occasionally is fine.
Stereotypes (ex: "the scene", "emo"...ect):It is fine if you want to try and be one of these stereotypes. I try not to because I really would like to be myself and I think it is hard when you are trying to be something you aren't.

-Final thoughts/questions-

What do you think about the mods?Joelle is one of the cutest girls I have ever seen. She is such a wonderful person and she always makes me smile. I wish that I could hang out with her more. I don't thing I have even ever seen the other one.
Why do you want to be in this community?Because I think it would be fun
Make us LOL:I really love animals and if you have a problem with animal cruelty you shouldn't read this but it is just funny. Okay my friend Tegan was having a little tea party with her stuffed animals when she was like three. Her mom(Nancy) comes up to her and says

nancy:tegan what are you doing?
nancy:what are you cooking
nancy:tegan we don't cook kittens
tegan:but it was a naughty kitten
nancy:tegan we don't cook kittens even if they are naughty
tegan:mom, it wasn't a pretty kitten
nancy:tegan, we don't cook kittens even if they aren't pretty.
tegan:but mom I took the fur off first
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Any final words:♥♥♥
A picture of yourself:This is really old but whatever
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