And nothing really matters when you're gone (consideryougone) wrote in bananananananas,
And nothing really matters when you're gone


Sexual preference:pretty boys


Movies: let's go w/ the last movie i saw...which is sadly mean girls
Books: i admit..i'm a nerd. harry potter 6 is coming! tell your mom!
Singers/Bands: ben folds
Actors/Actresses: i have no idea
Songs: anything by ben folds i bet
Food/Drink: BEER! no, um...cheesecake
Television Show: maybe if i type ri*gilmoregirls*ght though this question you won't make fun
Quote/song lyric: wayyyy to hard dude. i just said dude.

(No one sentenced answers, give a good answer.)

Abortion: fine, but i don't think i could
Censorship: f*ck that. no really, just let it be.
Drugs/Alcohol: not for me but i always need a good laugh
Stereotypes (ex: "the scene", "emo"...ect): retarded. just like you.

-Final thoughts/questions-

What do you think about the mods? I LOVE THEM!!!! can i have your babies? that doesn't work
Why do you want to be in this community? see above answer
Make us LOL:erm...i have five queens? i thought it was funny. or maybe we can just talk about the mermaid situation a little more.
Promote us in one place and paste link here: I'M NOT OBSESSED! leave me alone!
Any final words: no
A picture of yourself: i don't want to hurt you.
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